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Plage Isolée

Raul Guillermo

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Deauville, Étretat, Marseille, Le Havre, Saint-Pierre de Quiberon. What do all these places have in common? Most of these cities are popular touristic sites during the summer for the French population. Why not dive into the majestic beauty of Deauville with its stunning horses galloping through the sand, contemplate the amazing view from the cliffs of Étretat, or enjoy a good white wine near the port of Marseille accompanied by plates of delicious fresh fish. During the peak seasons, these cities are teeming with tourists wanting to take in the beauty and taste the delicacies these port towns have to offer. However, what would these places look like during the winter? can we still appreciate them the way we do in the summer? Or are they completely transformed into places of isolation, where lovers of the sea and nature concur in spite of the bad weather. Plage isolée starts here in search of those beautiful landscapes during the harsh winters, where almost no one is there to witness them. It is a whisper in the ear for those isolation lovers. This photo series shows that we are not always alone and that there are many others like us in search of something, that to most people are unworthy and uninteresting.The project is based on landscapes, objects, people from behind and buildings. For the photographer is important to see traces of people because it’s an evidence that there are people around and make us think about their lives. So in this way the pictures are not about the buildings or objects that we are seen, is more about the type of living that these people can have in this place. It makes us consider how it can look from inside too.

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